Who We Are

AZ MJ Logic LLC is a locally owned, professionally managed, Medical Marijuana Consulting Firm, committed to improving business operations for Medical Marijuana Dispensaries and Brands. Our mission is to assist Cannabis Business owners by providing a resource for on-demand professional services from experts within the legal Medical Marijuana Industry. We will strive to provide world class consulting services with the help of friendly, honest, and knowledgeable experts.


  • Cannabis Marketing and Branding Services
  • Cannabis Business Analysis Consultations
  • Inventory and Accounting Services
  • Marketing Consultations
  • Cannabis Cultivation Consultations
  • Extraction Laboratory Consultations
  • Technical and IT Consultations
  • Point of sale, Record Keeping, Hardware, and Compliance Services

We Know The Systems In Place

Our Senior Data Analysts take great care to assess and build tools to help your teams take agile steps forward every day! We use data from state compliant seed-to-sale systems like Biotrack THC, MJ Freeway, Treez.io, and Custom Seed-to-sale Platforms to build mission critical tools and interactive data visualizations.

Our Long Term Consultants take steps to help dispensary operators find opportunities of improvement within their current operation and  processes by providing ongoing updates and actionable insights!


AZDHS MMJ Program Data 2015-2019


All Operating  Arizona Dispensaries  and certification centers 2019

**Data sourced from: https://www.azdhs.gov/licensing/medical-marijuana/index.php?fbclid=IwAR14buxCsNmQZ-pCWRcOHIUIfyiqPWQp3hid1ciCOTqymmqsxMRYm_YidhQ#reports

Our Mission Statement

 "At AZ MJ Logic LLC our experts provide the skills and tools needed for ongoing growth using data driven actionable insights. We aim to empower cannabis businesses to thrive and  continue to make the world a better place."

Meet The Team

Paul Paredes

Senior Data Analyst

Cannabis Business Design

Operations Management

Compliance Expert

IT and Technical Work

Sean McCarthy

Director of Marketing

Director of Sales

SAG Actor

Cannabis Retail Expert

Cameron Fletcher

Graphic Design

Website Design

Package Design

Photo Editing

Digital/ Graphic Art

Kristy Aguirre

Executive Consultant


Book Keeping

Team Management Expert

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